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Tiaki Engineering Consultants Limited can propel your civil, geotech or structural projects with specialist design, liaison, investigation, consenting, and contract management services. 

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Since 2011, Tiaki Engineering Consultants have taken pride in implementing best-outcome solutions for all our Clients’ needs. The extent of our specialised skills has allowed us to provide and oversee unique & challenging engineering projects across the North Island, the wider New Zealand, and as far South as Scott Base, Antarctica.

At Tiaki Engineering Consultants we have a well-defined structural, civil, and geotechnical engineering presence. This allows for multidisciplinary project solutions through interdisciplinary collaboration that is executed via teamwork and pragmatic thinking.

We have an excellent track record of engagements with a wide variety of Clients and organisations, including private landowners, land developers, ports, iwi, primary industry, and local government. TECL is a boutique engineering consultancy. Working with us means being able to speak directly to those responsible for delivering your project, while maintaining access to a range of specialised resources at your fingertips.

Tiaki Engineering Consultants strive to develop caring, trusting, and reliable relationships with all our Clients. Through communication, collaboration, and professional guidance, our advice and support are found in and resonating with Kaitiakitanga – guardianship & protection of the environment (and our Client’s interest). 

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Our Services

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As a consultancy, we have the privilege of being involved in diverse and interesting projects around New Zealand and abroad. 

We spend our days enabling industry, fulfilling architectural dreams, facilitating positive environmental change, preparing for environmental change, literally building bridges between communities, and in general, providing specialist expertise that safeguards lives, livelihoods and lifestyles.

We offer our services to all of Aotearoa, from individuals and LLCs to family trusts, multinational corporations and councils. We’re based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty/Te Moana a Toi. 

Head to our Careers page to apply for a current vacancy or to express your interest in working with us.

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Tiaki Engineering Consultants Limited are engineering solution providers with proven, trusted experience in structural, civil and geotechnical engineering projects. Our close relationships and productive service history with local and regional councils and our peers strongly support our services. 

Let TECL be the driving force of your next project. Get in touch to find out more.

Who We Are

Tiaki Engineering Consultants Limited

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Effective Collaboration

Each area of expertise within TECL offers its experience and knowledge to our Clients. Multi-disciplinary project communication, both internally and inter-organisationally, is a proven strength of our team.

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Respecting Culture

TECL is conscious of all its stakeholders’ views, which include, but is not limited to the local and wider communities of Aotearoa. Respecting mana whenua and other community interests are some of our core principles.

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Driving Exceptional Outcomes

TECL has a proven track record for efficiently driving projects toward positive outcomes. Through simplified methods, complex goals are achieved by experienced & skilled resources.

Respecting Culture

TECL are proactively conscious of the views of all stakeholders, including the local and wider communities. Respect for mana whenua and community interests are core principles.

respecting culture
the tiaki vision

Driving Exceptional Outcomes

TECL have an evidential track record of driving projects towards positive outcomes; efficiently with straightforward goals, and resolutely with complex ones.

Effectively Collaborating

Each department of TECL offers their experience and expertise to all of our clients. Multi-disciplinary projects, both internally and inter-organisationally, are a proven strength of our team.

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Environmental Sustainability
is at The Core of What We Do

TECL thinks beyond the minimum responsibilities of clients, contractors, and developers. We aim to provide solutions that mitigate problems before they manifest into realisation. With this approach, we guard not only the environment but also the reputations of everyone involved.

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Learn more about Tiaki Engineering Consultants through the projects that we’ve been involved with.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

Let’s discuss what Tiaki Engineering Consulting can do for your civil, geotechnical or structural engineering project.

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Email TECL directly and we’ll forward your enquiry to the most appropriate person.

Email Us

Email TECL directly and we’ll forward your enquiry to the most appropriate person.

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Prefer to speak over the phone? Let’s talk.