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Watermain Renewals TC03 – Supply of Construction Plans & As Builts for Watermain Upgrades

Tauranga City Council

Project Manager
Geoffrey Everitt / Wayne Sanger

This project involves receiving plans in hand written note form of proposed watermain upgrades from the Tauranga City Council Project Manager.  The hand written plans are used to generate construction drawings which are then imported to GIS and public utilities data is overlaid. Construction plans are used for the tender process.

Once construction begins regular liaison with contractors and the TCC project manager is required to monitor progression of the upgrades, regular site visits to survey progress are necessary.

Survey data is downloaded and custom written spatial algorithms extract necessary asset data, assigning unique identifiers to each asset and converting the data into a standardised format used by TCC.

End Result
Powerful CAD and GIS software is utilised to produce plans and longitudinal sections of the new watermains. Plans and Longitudinal Sections are submitted to council with the asset data which is uploaded to the councils GIS database.

Information submitted to council has many applications such as flow modelling, asset management and if often used by contractors in future projects to quickly identify where TCC assets are located.