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Omokoroa Golf Course Bund

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Stage 1 - Hydrological and Hydraulic assessment of the coastal reserves fronting the Omokoroa Golf Course and Precious Reserve.

Stage 2 - All aspects of final design, drawings, specification, engineer’s estimates and reporting, suitable for inclusion in documents for tendering and construction. Preparation of tender documentation, tendering, tender recommendation, and MSQA including monitoring to CM3, reporting and delivery of as-built plans.

End Result

Stage 1 – Approved consent reports and documents

Stage 2 – Final design and documentation, tender documents and tender adjudication has been complete for the first separable portion of the contract (Precious Reserve Bulk Fill). Construction and construction monitoring also completed.

The remainder of the contract’s final documentation, which includes the 1km coastal bund, tee box modifications, timber seawalls and stormwater drainage structures, are nearing completion.

Implementation of the remainder of project and construction is to be initiated in the near future as funding becomes available.