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Tiaki Engineering Consultants Civil Engineering

Project Management

Our Project Managers at Tiaki take on the role of kaiTiaki or guardian. This means that we work with you closely to take the project from inception to completion. Our team meet with you to extract your goals and requirements for the project, and enhance these ideas to suit the requirements of NZ Construction Standards. 

We provide a range of project management services and have experience in financial forecasting, contract management and administration, construction monitoring and consent compliance.


Our Team can take care of the consenting requirements for your projects, including all legal and administrative processes. Tiaki offers full demonstration of compliance with rules and regulations provided by local and regional authorities. This includes land use consents, earthworks consents, building consents and also service applications.

Urban Land Development

With increasing development of rural areas, it is important to understand the effects of modifying land to create urban landscapes. Our team can analyse the land use and suitability for development, and generate solutions for roading, wastewater, stormwater, water, housing and more. Our development process is centered around both people and the environment - we work hard to ensure that the outcome is economically viable as well as appropriate for the land. 

Consultation and Management

Our approach is to work with you to ensure that whether there is a certain theme, goal or need required for the project, this outcome is reached. Consultation and management includes:

  • Concept layouts
  • Contract documents
  • Project specifications
  • Schedules and estimates.

Earthworks & Bulk Earthworks

  • Cut/fill design and calculations
  • Erosion and sediment control designs and specifications
  • Construction specifications

Urban Road Development

Urban road design needs to be practical and needs to work with the natural environment. This requires taking into account water run-off drainage services and footpaths, as well as the movement of traffic throughout the urban area. Our team can take care of: 

  • Geometric design and specifications
  • Pavement design and specifications


As urban environments grow and are developed, it is important that stormwater, wastewater and potable water is managed effectively and efficiently. 


Tiaki can manage wastewater in urban land developments:

  • Gravity reticulation systems and networks
  • Facilitations of onsite effluent treatment systems
  • Fault investigation
  • Pressure reticulation systems and networks
  • Pump stations


Stormwater must be managed effectively to avoid flooding and adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Tiaki undertakes analysis and calculations of rainfall and potential flooding to mitigate adverse effects on both the development itself and the adjoining areas. Our team can consult on and design the following:

  • Gravity reticulation systems and networks
  • Urban stormwater treatment systems
  • Attenuation facility design
  • Hydrological and hydraulic assements

Potable Water

Urban land development requires planning for all utilities and services - including Potable water (or drinking water). Our team can design the following for your urban development:

  • Pressure reticulation systems and networks (Water mains) 
  • Reservoirs
  • Pump stations

Topographical surveying

Topographical surveying involves surveying the natural environment to identify and map the contours and any features that exist above ground, resulting in the creation of a digital surface model. We can provide GPS Total Station surveying of spatial features and contours of a site, as well as As-Built surveying of constructed infrastructure. Our topographical surveying services include:

  • Site Development Work
  • As-Built surveys to update current conditions of site
  • Additional consultation as required