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KaiTiaki (Guardians) of your Geotech Project

Site Investigation

Geotechnical Site investigations include both thorough desktop research, as well as visual and subsurface investigation. Our Geotech Team analyse geological and seismic maps, and visit the site. The site visit allows for a visual assessment as well as a subsurface investigation, which includes auger holes and test pits to expose the profile of the layers of soil and rock.

Geotechnical site investigations are required for all residential dwellings, subdivisions, structures and
commercial/industrial buildings.

Geotechnical Investigation Assessment Reports

Our team can provide thorough Geotechnical Investigation Assessment
Reports that summarise the site investigation work. This includes:

  • Geotechnical assessment reports for building and resource consents
  • Liquefaction analysis, slope stability assessments, seismic assessments
  • Commercial, residential and industrial projects
  • Soakage testing and design

Land Development and Subdivision technical feasibility assessments

The Tiaki geotechnical team is experienced in assisting developers with pre-purchase assessments. We work closely with the planners and the developer to put together land development and subdivision technical feasibility assessments. This assessment provides advice on the following

  • Amount of lots that can be developed
  • Roading requirements
  • Geotechnical stability of the site
  • Flooding and stormwater predictions
  • Local authority rules and regulations that apply to that particular piece of land.

Earthworks monitoring and completion reporting

We follow our projects through from inception to completion. During construction, we monitor the earthworks and related activities to ensure all work complies with the design requirements. Additionally, we ensure appropriate testing is completed and the results comply with the specifications designed for the site. This process includes:

  • Geotechnical monitoring for bulk earthworks and completion reporting
  • Milestone/hold points for testing
  • Earthworks specifications
  • Testing and certification
  • Road subgrade testing

Slope Stability Modelling

Slope stability modelling allows us to analyse the shape of the ground, examine
whether it’s safe, stable and design a solution. The Tiaki Geotech team can undertake:

  • Risk assessment
  • Numerical analysis
  • Slope stability design
  • Retaining wall design

Retaining wall assessment and design

Tiaki is experienced in working on a range of retaining wall assessments and designs
for commercial and residential projects. Services include:

  • Analysis of the site
  • Global stability analysis
  • Safety barrier design
  • Proposed design and appropriate materials, which may include - timber, concrete, mechanically stabilised earth walls, block walls, anchors, gabions

Sea Walls and Coastal Erosion

In New Zealand we are surrounded by water, and it is becoming increasingly important to protect our coastlines and existing infrastructure from erosion. Our team can assess and design seawalls and coastal protection structures. This includes designing new structures as well as replacing previous seawalls.