Civil Engineering

Tiaki Engineering Consultants takes pride in its expertise in Civil Engineering, providing practical and robust solutions from concept to consent, and shaping the landscape for sustainable development.

Civil Engineering

What We Do

Tiaki Engineering Consultants recognises the significant impact of civil infrastructure projects on society, culture, and the environment. Civil engineers are responsible for promoting, developing, and growing sustainable solutions for our community. We collaborate closely with diverse clients, from private land developers to government bodies, delivering high-quality civil engineering solutions. Our expertise covers a range of professional services including three water networks (potable water, wastewater, and stormwater), local authority roads, bulk earthworks, sediment control measures, flood control measures, and more.

At Tiaki Engineering Consultants, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our team and those we work with. We apply our primary duty of care, ensuring safe work practices and equipment used on engineering worksites, following the guidelines outlined by WorkSafe and the Health and Safety at Work Act regulations.

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Civil Engineering Services

Water Services

Three Waters

Designing an efficient system for the sourcing and management of water is a crucial element of development. Our team has extensive experience in various aspects of water management, including stormwater, water supply, wastewater, reporting, and construction monitoring. With regulatory requirements placing an increased emphasis on Te Mana o te Wai, the vital importance of water, we can provide comprehensive design solutions for three waters services, such as flood modelling, construction monitoring, and erosion, sediment and dust management control.

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Specialist Land Solutions

Land Development
Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team can efficiently design and oversee the technical aspects of your land development vision. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we are committed to promoting sustainable solutions that benefit our community. We work closely with clients, ranging from private land developers to government agencies, to deliver superior urban engineering services. These services include conveyance assets for water, wastewater, and stormwater networks, local authority roads, bulk earthworks, sediment control measures, flood controls, and more.
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Precision for Projects

Topographical Surveys

Precise and accurate topographical surveys are a prerequisite for well-informed decision-making during development projects. Tiaki Engineering Consultants possess over a decade of experience in-house in the field of rural topography surveying, As-built marking, and feature locating on large-scale projects. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques during our comprehensive topographical surveys. We aim to provide exact data on land contours, features, and boundaries to serve as a solid foundation for effective planning and design, guaranteeing precision and the efficient execution of projects.

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Efficiency in Design

Road Design

We provide comprehensive services tailored to the road development needs of private landowners and subdivisional land developers. Our close collaboration with clients ensures that we design, obtain consent for, procure, and manage minor roading projects in alignment with regulatory and council requirements. In addition to addressing the financial and physical aspects of the project, we prioritise safety practices and environmental stewardship. Our services typically encompass road geometric design, pavement design, crash barrier design, signage and stormwater management, and we can accommodate other specific requests as needed. Throughout the project lifecycle, we offer regular and detailed progress updates to maintain transparency and facilitate effective communication.
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Clear and Accurate Records

As-built Services

Our team of experienced survey technicians specialise in performing As-built surveying and documentation services. We understand the importance of accurately and precisely documenting new or upgraded services during construction. Our surveying services involve close collaboration with contractors and site personnel to locate underground services, including water mains, power lines, gas lines, and communication infrastructure. Using our in-house GPS equipment and Total Stations, we conduct surveys to document assets with precision. Subsequently, we prepare the necessary data and plans for uploading to the relevant Geographic Information System (GIS). With well-established protocols and software, we ensure the proper lodging of the As-built documentation with the relevant council.
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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

Let’s discuss what Tiaki Engineering Consulting can do for your civil, geotechnical or structural engineering project.

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