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TECL provides tailored Professional Engineering services to councils and industries across NZ and abroad. Our wide range of in-house capabilities makes our work efficient and well-informed.

Industrial Structures

Engineering Solutions for Industry

The Tiaki Engineering Consultants structural team has a wide range of industry skills. We work collaboratively with Clients from inception to completion to assess and design industrial structures tailored to their needs. 

Over the years we have collaborated with an array of reliable mechanical and industrial engineering partners to provide structural support for design and engineering assessments of heavy industrial plants at Kinleith, Kawerau, and Whakatane. We also provide support to local government organisations such as TCC and WBOPDC on their 3-Waters infrastructure requirements.

The TECL team works closely with our Clients to understand all requirements and project outcomes. We design structures that are fit for purpose and appropriate for the wider process or environment.

This wider consideration of factors means the structures we design are both mechanically sound and able to withstand common and uncommon external influences such as seismicity, wind, marine or geological corrosion, or on-site factors like vibration or chemical action.

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Notable Project: Whakatane Mill Limited Saveall Support Structure

As an integral part of upgrades to plants and processes, Whakatane Mill required a significant, precision-engineered ‘saveall.’

In paper mills, a saveall is a shield designed to catch water droplets and mist flung from high-speed rotating machinery. This function is crucial to the consistency and quality of the paper that’s being produced. This particular 7m wide saveall was fabricated from stainless steel while incorporating powerful temperature control infrastructure and weighed in excess of two tonnes.

TECL was contracted to design the Whakatane Mill Saveall Support Structure in the context of existing plant, a high-temperature and humid environment, complex geometric constraints, and tight project timeframes. Our work was well received with the structure performing as designed and Whakatane Mill seeking to engage TECL for further contract work.

Tank Structures

With over ten years’ experience designing and peer-reviewing bespoke and proprietary steel tanks, TECL are trusted by local government and industry for projects involving potable water reservoirs, fire protection reservoirs, and large-scale tanks for the dairy industry and pulp and paper mills.

Our notable Clients in this area include Tauranga City Council, WBOPDC, Fonterra, Synlait Milk, Whakatane Mill, and OJI Tasman.

TECL is well experienced in the design of tanks ranging from 10 kL and 10 ML (between 10 cubic metres and 10,000 cubic metres).

Industrial Equipment Support Structures

TECL have a proven track record for providing structural engineering services for industrial support structures. 

We can assess existing structures, design new structures, and specify modifications to accommodate equipment installations and process changes. Tiaki Engineering Consultants have both in-house geotechnical assessment capabilities and extensive experience in foundation design for heavy industry.

Our notable clients in this area include Ballance Agri-Nutrients, OJI-Tasman, Whakatane Mill, Essity, and Lawter.


Our Structural Engineers are highly qualified to modify existing structures or to design and detail new builds. We can take care of everything; from the initial geotechnical assessment to the building consent process and everything in between.  TECL can also assist with MSQA services and Engineer to the Contract role as required. All our designs comply with the latest NZ design standards and the Building Code, while specific Client requirements are always considered.

Industrial Access Structures

TECL has completed a number of interesting projects to provide safe personnel access to industrial equipment and structures. 

Our design process incorporates stakeholder consultation, geotech/foundation assessment, and HSWA compliance. We always consider the wider scope of on-site industrial processes and work towards practical, efficient solutions for industrial access structures.

Our notable clients in this area include Ballance Agri-Nutrients, OJI-Tasman, Whakatane Mill, and Mercury Energy.


TECL has completed numerous monorail projects over multiple years in local government and private industries. We provide competent design and verification of monorails and their support structures.  From reviewing “safe working load” ratings for existing equipment to designing provisions for curved monorail structures – we do it all.

Our notable clients in this area include Tauranga City Council (water and wastewater plants), OJI Tasman (maintenance gantries), and PanPac Napier (maintenance lifting).

TECL is not accredited by IANZ to carry out monorail physical load testing and certification.

Gantry Crane Support Structures

Tiaki Engineering Consultants have undertaken the design, project management, and installation oversight for various light- to medium-duty operational overhead traveling crane projects. A notable example was for Trimax Mowers, where an assembly-floor traveling crane was designed for installation within an existing building, structurally independent of the original building structure.

TECL is not accredited by IANZ to carry out OTC physical load testing and certification.

Hopper Structures

With our well-qualified and experienced international engineering team, TECL is capable of undertaking your bulk storage needs.  Talk to our experts today to see how we can assist.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

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