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With over 12 years of in-house experience, TECL are highly knowledgeable and proficient bridge designers in the niche of forestry, farm, subdivision, local council vehicle & pedestrian bridge applications.

Tiaki Bridges

Forms & Types

Tiaki Engineering Consultants have a wealth of experience in the design, specification, and project management of bridge projects across Aotearoa, New Zealand. Leveraging our industry connections and long-standing partnerships, we can take care of any bridge project from inception to realisation. 

TECL excel at crafting a well-thought-through solution for its Clients by considering all environmental impacts, practical application constraints, and social factors. We routinely deal with a variety of bridge types that are practical & appropriate for New Zealand conditions, load ratings, and budgets. 

Although some bridge types are more common than others, each has a place in the Bridge Designer’s portfolio. We will operate within the technical constraints, Client budget, and regulations to assist you in selecting the best solution for your specific application. 

suspension bridge

Composite Bridges (SBCD)

Structurally efficient, comparably lightweight, great for long spans, modular panels for easy to install. TECL has extensive experience with SBCD bridges in rural, suburban and highway settings.

Steel Beam Timber Deck Bridges (SBTD)

Lightweight, can be modular and often used for rural farm access (0.85HN), forestry (HN-HO-72) and pedestrian bridges. Deck fabrication can be time-consuming depending on the design requirements. Can be made relocatable on request.

Truss Bridges

Lightweight, aestetically pleasing, versatile and can be fabricated off-site. Typically used for pedestrian bridges; occasionally for vehicle bridges. Modular system for forestry (HN-HO-72) bridges on request.

Suspension Bridges

Elegant solution, unique and exceptionally lightweight. Can bridge excessive spans, but construction usually requires specialist skills and, sometimes, utilisation of materials hard to procure.

Cable-Stayed Bridges

Similar to suspension bridges in terms of advantages and disadvantages. A specialist bridge type.


Precast culverts can be cost-effectively procured and installed in small to medium sized streams or rivers. Significant disadvantages include regular maintenance to clear inevitable blockages, flood liability, and ecologically detrimental effects.

Tiaki Bridges

Client-Specific Bridges

TECL has extensive experience designing bridges and overseeing bridge projects for various sectors in the Bay of Plenty and regional New Zealand. In particular, we have a long history of working relationships with local and regional councils, farm managers and owners, the forestry industry, and subdivision developers. 

Since Tiaki’s inception, the primary focus of our bridge engineering team has always been bridge design, detailing, and evaluations. Since then, we have designed approximately 40-50 bridges per year and have become very familiar with the obstacles, efficiencies, and compromises that can be made in most contexts.

our team at tiaki brigde

Council Bridges

TECL is trusted by numerous councils nationwide to facilitate high-quality outcomes on their bridge projects. Cultural, stakeholder and environmental considerations are well accounted-for by our team.

Farm Bridges

At TECL, we understand that a farm bridge should not be over-engineered. After 10+ years of working with local farmers, we know how important cost saving is to our private Clients. TECL provides a design-build solution through trusted partnerships, providing a cost effective, pragmatic solution for a price that suits your budget.

Forestry Bridges

We offer the full-service; customised HN-HO-72 forestry bridge solutions, design for overload-permitted vehicles, modular construction, and dismantlable & relocatable bridges. You name it, we have done it!

Subdivision Bridges

Let us take care of your subdivisional bridge project. TECL is highly-regarded among private land developers, and we have the experience and expertise to design attractive, practical and cost-effective access solutions.

Tiaki Bridges

Fit For Purpose

TECL will ensure the needs of all stakeholders are accounted for, from the principal to the end users. We focus on fulfilling the purpose of a bridge through excellence in design and project management. 

Tiaki Engineering Consultants’ bridges are, by design, safe, compliant with national and local regulations and standards, and cost-effective within the agreed parameters.

When appropriate, we make time to meet with key stakeholders to discuss design expectations. TECL is in the unique position to make refinements and alterations early on that can have lasting impacts on a bridge’s function and durability in design. By taking advantage of this fact, we maximise the outcomes for our Clients.

forest bridge

Road Bridges

At TECL, we use our extensive experience in the design of 0.85HN and HN-HO-72 bridges to pragmatically address your road bridge requirements. From farm traffic to heavy load rated subdivision, forestry bridges or council bridges, Tiaki Engineering Consultants are the experts to talk to.

Pedestrian & Cycle Bridges

TECL apply our proven approach to problem solving with pedestrian and cycle bridge design. We have a history of facilitating outstanding outcomes, for councils especially, in terms of budget, suitability and sustainability.

Train Bridges

The structural engineering principles and strategies applied to train bridges are the same as for road and pedestrian bridges, with added considerations as required by the rail operator. TECL endeavours to understand its Client's requirements and work towards a favourable outcome for all.

Tiaki Bridges

Services for Existing Bridges

In time, all bridges need re-evaluation or assessments. This can be according to a Maintenance Schedule, or due to it nearing its design lifespan, for planned loading or overloading, or following accidental damage, weather events, visual deterioration, or a change of regulations.

Our Structural Engineers provide compliance and quality monitoring during construction, ongoing inspections and assessment, and contract management of remedial works on existing bridges. In our experience, each Client has their own specific set of needs.

Talk to the professionals at Tiaki Engineering Consultants about our bridge investigation and remedial design services.

ohakune bridge repair

Bridge Conditional Assessments

Asset owners regularly contract TECL to undertake an initial visual assessment of the condition of a bridge and its ancillaries. A report is produced, including recommendations and advice on next steps to be taken.

Bridge Inspections

Bridge inspections are more comprehensive than condition assessments. In this case, TECL will provide design calculations and a bridge design report. If required, we can specify construction or remediation details and manage council consent submissions (if required).

Bridge Load Rating Assessments

A load rating assessment involves the determination of the physical structure's capacity to support a predefined load. Using best practice guidelines to report on calculated load rating, Clients are informed of their assets' capabilities.

Bridge Remedial Works Management

With decades worth of combined experience in bridge design and remediation, Tiaki Engineering Consultants offer efficient, effective solutions to ailing bridges.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

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