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Houses and Buildings

Tiaki Engineering Consultants are highly-competent Structural Engineers. We have a reliable and productive history of bespoke building design, review, consenting, and project management.

Concrete, Steel, and Timber Structures

Artisan Buildings at Small to Medium Scale

TECL has expert structural designers with years of experience delivering high-quality outcomes for all our clients. We offer professional engineering design, verification, and project management services for bespoke buildings in the mediums of steel, concrete, and timber.

We have a history of maintaining strong Client relationships throughout project lifecycles, and we ensure our Clients’ experiences are positive and streamlined.

Our building design team have a pragmatic, creative approach to problem solving. This stems from an intimate understanding of materials and technology, the building code, national standards and council regulations. Similarly we have an in-depth appreciation of the capabilities and costs of industry suppliers and manufacturers. TECL partners with a number of trusted, specialist service providers and contractors to provide reliable and holistic solutions to our Clients’ needs.

Our commercial and residential structural engineering services include site monitoring and inspection to ensure total compliance. Talk to Tiaki Engineering Consultants about custom-designed:

Bespoke timber, steel and concrete barnhouse designed by TECL

Notable Project: Bespoke Barnhouse and Distillery Building

TECL was contracted to provide Professional Engineering design services for a set of custom composite timber, steel and concrete buildings, involving prominent timber beams and open gabled structure. 

We worked directly with the Architect and Contractors to ensure budget viability, efficiency of construction and aesthetic outcomes. 

Design Services

TECL’s Building Design services incorporate all the investigative work, modelling and documentation required to break ground. We work directly with our Clients and Architects to achieve their vision.

We’re experts at designing buildings for efficient and practical constructability. We take into account factors like site access (for crane, plant, or component size), limitations of concrete formwork, environmental effects and many other not so obvious considerations by relying on our sound experience. 

Project Management

Our experienced Project Managers are well-versed in driving positive and efficient outcomes for our Clients. Management, Surveillance and Quality Assurance (MSQA) is a key service in bespoke building projects, where the building system is non-standard (proprietary) and quality metrics aren’t obvious.

Our broad knowledge base and close familiarity with a variety of complex projects positions TECL as appropriate and capable Design Interface Managers. 

We also have the capacity and experience to act as Engineer to the Contract, where we remain impartial to both Principal and Contractor and guard the requirements of the contract as foremost.

Consenting and Compliance

TECL can take care of your Building Consent & Resource Consent requirements, including paperwork preparation, liaison with Architects and stakeholders, and lodging the physical application. Our goal is to to create a one-stop-shop and make the design and consenting process effortless for all our Clients.

Our Structural Engineers can provide PS1 (design) and PS4 (construction review) Producer Statements as appropriate.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

Let’s discuss what Tiaki Engineering Consulting can do for your civil, geotechnical or structural engineering project.

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Email TECL directly and we’ll forward your enquiry to the most appropriate person.

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