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TECL are ideal engineering consultants for Land Developers. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team can efficiently design and oversee the technical aspects of your land development vision.

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At Tiaki Engineering Consultants, we recognise that civil infrastructure projects significantly impact our society, culture and environment. We understand that as Civil Engineers we have an ongoing responsibility to promote, develop and grow sustainable solutions for our community.

The design of civil engineering infrastructure involves managing multiple interconnected systems with often obscure relationships. TECL’s engineers are experts at efficiently incorporating smaller, discrete solutions into much wider, holistic outcomes.

We work closely with our Clients, from private land developers to government bodies, to deliver high-quality urban engineering services. Our professional services include conveyance assets for all three water networks (water, wastewater, and stormwater), local authority roads, bulk earthworks, sediment control measures, overland flow paths, flood controls, and many more.

At Tiaki Engineering Consultants, we apply our primary duty of care as far as reasonably practical; to promote safe work practices and use of equipment on engineering worksites in accordance with the WorkSafe guidelines and the Health and Safety at Work Act regulations.

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Feasibility and Due Diligence

As part of the initial feasibility study or due diligence process, Tiaki Engineering Consultants assist Clients to identify the engineering serviceability requirements of new and existing developments. We also support Clients to identify any inherent risks and constraints associated with their project to support informed business decisions and indicative construction budgets.

Design, Specification and Monitoring

The design and construction monitoring of land development works is a complex engineering activity that involves a diverse set of resources (e.g. natural, human, financial, and many different technical disciplines).  By bringing these resources together into a team with one goal, holistic design solutions are developed with a better outcome for all.

By collaborating closely with Clients, Council authorities, the Contractor, and other relevant stakeholders, we provide accurate specifications, apply effective project management and communication skills, and provide technical supervision to certify the works.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

Let’s discuss what Tiaki Engineering Consulting can do for your civil, geotechnical or structural engineering project.

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Email TECL directly and we’ll forward your enquiry to the most appropriate person.

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