Geotechnical Engineering

Retaining Walls & Seawalls

Though theoretically a geotechnical problem, designing an effective retaining or seawall draws from not only geotechnical expertise but our structural and civil engineering experience alike.

TECL provides retaining and erosion control solutions for the ‘bigger picture’.

Slip and Erosion Management

Retaining for Land and Sea

Tiaki Engineering Consultants has significant experience in the design and construction of retaining walls and coastal seawalls for a wide variety of clients.

We have the capability to do all site testing, data interpretation, execution of design, and construction monitoring for simple and complex wall structures. Our staff includes geologists and engineers, allowing us to understand the ground profile and constraints at your site, to efficiently design and detail your retaining structure to suit your needs.

For particularly unstable sites or excessive wall heights, it may be necessary to have design work peer-reviewed by a Category 1 or 2 geo-professional. TECL has well-established professional relationships with suitable peers, whom we use on a project-by-project basis.

retaining wall sea

Notable Project: Harbour Ridge Subdivision, Omokoroa​

TECL designed dozens of timber-pole retaining walls for this recent residential development. The walls generally formed the property boundaries, and significantly altered the landscape with heights of between 2 and 4 meters.

After seamless third-party design review and successful consent applications on behalf of the Client, we carried out all construction monitoring and verification to ensure the quality of the works.

Retaining Walls

Let the experienced Tiaki Engineering Consultants team take care of your retaining wall needs. Our geotechnical team will analyse and assess the geology of the site, use the gathered data to numerically model and quantify the stability of the slope, and determine the design requirements of the solution.

We will work alongside you to determine the best use of material for your site, which may include timber, concrete, mechanically-stabilized earth walls (MSE), block walls, anchors, and gabion baskets.

Our services also include safety barrier design where appropriate. 

Seawalls and Coastal Erosion

New Zealand is defined by the waters that surround it, and more than three-quarters of our population live in coastal areas.

For Councils especially, there is a growing concern to protect our coastlines and existing infrastructure from erosion; both due to increasingly-frequent storm surges and incrementally rising mean sea levels.

TECL can assess the condition and suitability of existing seawalls, specify their replacement, and design new seawalls and coastal protection measures to meet your budget and performance requirements.

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Our breadth of specialised knowledge has allowed us to provide and oversee unique and practical design solutions for a wide range of projects across the North Island, and as far as Scott Base, Antarctica.

Let’s discuss what Tiaki Engineering Consulting can do for your civil, geotechnical or structural engineering project.

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